Add value; subtract doubt.

Be authentic.  There is no time for shallow pretense and self-obsessed insecurity if we’re ever going to get anywhere.  This is about integrity: courage, truth and honor in all their many forms.

It is said that our true value lies in being ourselves.  I can’t think of a better way to put it.  Make your self known.  The universe needs you to complete the puzzle. You, exactly the way you are.  You are not doing it wrong.  You may have work to do to get to where you’re going, that’s fine – we all do.  Just remember always to give yourself permission to exist, to be perfectly whole in your strengths and flaws.

Allow your inner voice to speak through consistent action.  Take a chance and give yourself a break, and always leave room to be imperfect.  We are supposed to make mistakes and to fail ungracefully from time to time, because we need the lessons and the world needs examples.

Trust the plan.

Growth takes time, and it arrives quietly.  Don’t waste your time questioning it or doubting the gift.  Be valuable right now, in each of your challenges and in all of your work.