Depth Leadership: A journey of Inspiration

Leadership isn’t about managing people or running a business. It’s about moving through life in a way that moves others, tapping into your deeper self to become more effective, build better relationships, and bring your reality and your ideals into alignment. It’s about showing up as your full, authentic self and creating resonance with those you lead.

Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from moving toward your ideal reality? Are you ready for a change but can’t seem to get clear on what to do about it? Are you looking for a deeper connection with your sense of vision, mission and purpose?

In this 6-week coaching journey we explore your reality and go beneath the surface of your experience to uncover the patterns, fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, as well as the innate values and intuition that you already posses that can support your growth into your most effective self. Drawing from the fields of Emotional Intelligence research, Gestalt Coaching, and Depth Psychology, this program is designed to build awareness, create focus, and move you forward into a space of inspired motivation as you embark upon your journey of change.

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