If you have a specific challenge in an area of your life, if you feel stuck, if you need support and guidance in facing a change of job or career, if you want to connect with your life on a deeper and more meaningful level – these are all fantastic reasons to consider working with a coach.

While much of my work is centered around organizational effectiveness and executive leadership, you don’t have to be in a corporate management position to benefit from the power of increased Emotional Intelligence and inspirational resonance. I have worked with artists and academics, doctoral students and yoga instructors, state’s attorneys and rock guitarists, and I have found this to be true – the desire to live passionately and increase our level of fulfillment in work and life is not bound by the way we earn our wages.

I have found the same fundamental challenge in every industry that I have worked in, from live entertainment to web technology, grocery stores to boardrooms. The proposal seems nearly universal – it’s a transaction in which we forfeit some or all of our personal authenticity in exchange for a measure of tenuous security, the privelege of serving the needs of the organization with minimal consideration for our personal ideals or values. And yet we must work. We must earn in order to provide for ourselves and our families. So we accept as truth this seemingly hopeless fate and we cope with it in the most pragmatic way at our disposal – we check out. We let ourselves go numb in order to withstand the sacrifice of inspiration and engagement that we feel we’ve been called on to make in exchange for a livelihood. And there’s the irony right there. “Livelihood” is hardly an apt word for so many people who feel stuck and hopeless in their work or other aspects of their lives.

What does inspiration mean to you?