Startups fail for a lot of reasons. Your culture shouldn't be one of them.


The Founders Masterclass series will help you increase your leadership presence and lay the foundations for a successful future. Build the best teams for your business, engage your talented workers, and grow the leaders you'll need for the long haul.

Ready to turn your vision into a culture of loyalty, innovation, and wild success? Pre-register now to secure your place in the Founders Masterclass, coming in 2017!

Clarify your vision and create a development plan to increase your leadership impact. Learn where your gaps are and what you can do to eliminate them.

Build your teams around a values-based core of key best practices. Learn how to align your vision with the process and practices to keep your people engaged, challenged, and growing with your business.

Apply strategies and tools used by the most successful companies to ensure your long term success. Create a company that the best people want to work for, and a strategy that keeps pace with your success.

Chaim Rochester

About me

I've spent the past decade studying the leadership and culture of top companies, and the strategies and skills they employ to create success. In my own business experience, as well as my work with everything from small businesses to billion-dollar SaaS companies to global manufacturers, I have found that the core challenges remain the same: how to develop great leaders, inspire and engage employees, and build cultures of cohesive teamwork.