Ideas that we have,

that we don't know we have,

have us.

~James Hillman

Overturning Your ‘Immunity to Change’™

Let’s face it. No matter how much we may want or even need it, change is hard. Research suggests that lack of discipline, motivation or will power, lack of felt results, or even a sense of inherent inability to reverse old habits are all poor explanations for a failure to make and sustain change. If it was as easy as “just try harder” or “stop it,” you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

In a recent study, a group of heart doctors told their high-risk patients that they would die if they didn’t change their behavior (smoking, diet, exercise, etc.). Only 1 in 7 of the patients in this study actually made permanent changes to their lifestyles. Surely, this wasn’t a matter of lack of will power or desire. These patients’ actual lives were at stake, and yet they were unable to stick to the changes required to save them.

So what’s the deal?

Why is it so hard to make and sustain change?

In their bestselling book Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock Potential in Yourself and Your Organization, clinical psychologist Robert Kegan, PhD, and Lisa Lahey, EdD, experts in adult learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, suggest that there is something more at play in our resistance to change. Kegan, renowned for his research in the field of constructivist developmental theory, has partnered with Lahey to bring years of research and insight together to detail an elegant process by which it is possible to identify, articulate, and overcome the elements of our “emotional immune system” that create barriers to change. Through this process we discover that the behaviors that give rise to our seeming inability to change are actually a result of the emotional immune system’s efforts to protect us from deep held fears, consequences which we work to prevent by way of our hidden competing commitments.

The Immunity To Change approach helps people and organizations achieve their desired goals by bringing to light these previously unrecognized competing commitments which produce the exact behaviors that undermine their success. This process has been used to facilitate change with individuals, organizations, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and countless other groups worldwide. Conducted as a workshop, the process cultivates a safe, respectful, but intense environment where you will experience the power of this tool firsthand. Whether experienced with a collective of unrelated individuals or delivered to an intact team, you can expect a high level of transformative personal learning and a shared experience of growth and support.

This workshop can be conducted for intact teams, collectives of unrelated individuals within an organization, or a general audience.

Having been trained by Kegan & Lahey at their ITC Facilitator’s Workshop on the Harvard campus, I will guide you through the work and help you create a meaningful, impactful experience. If you’re anything like me or the thousands of others who have experienced this process you are bound to have an inspirational and memorable day that will start you on a new path toward incorporating this change process in your own work and opening up new horizons for your development as an inspired leader.

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