Don't let your resolutions turn into disappointments!

It happens every year: people all over the world just like you and I make lofty resolutions to change our lives once and for all - we plan diets, buy gym memberships and expensive new running shoes, set new relationship goals, plan more time at work, vow to take more vacations... you name it, we try to change it. But the sad truth is, before the new year is even very far along, most of these plans just don't stick!

What if you could learn how to break down the unconscious barriers that stop you from achieving your goals once and for all?

To kick off the new year, I'm giving away a free guide to the "Immunity to Change" process - a powerful method for uncovering and overcoming the emotional systems that get in your way - to help you learn how to break through those obstacles and achieve the success you've been reaching for.

So how about it; are you ready to finally kick those old behaviors to the curb?

Chaim Rochester is an executive leadership coach and consultant, and adventure-seeking travel lover. His company, Executive Inspiration Consulting, helps companies attract, retain and develop the most talented people in their industries by building organizational culture and leadership that inspires innovation, purpose, and mastery. You can find him online at, Tweet him at @ExecInspiration, or join him for a motorcycle adventure around Southern California any time you like.